Data sharing for research projects |
Who does what, when and how?

Consortium-wide process modeling team at SMITH in Leipzig

Who does what, when and how, when patient data or laboratory data are needed for medical research projects? Using graphic models to develop a common understanding of processes is the aim of the Process Modeling Team in the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII).

The team with colleagues from all MII consortia and the TMF e. V. (technology and method platform for networked medical research) met this week for its second workshop – this time in Leipzig, after the first workshop at the Frankfurt University Hospital.

The process models are an important tool for the medical informatics initiative. With the models, the consortia and the working groups of the MII-accompanying structure can align their methods. For example, diagramming feasibility studies can verify if there is sufficient data to answer certain research questions. Further models describe procedures for applications and contracts for data use and the data delivery or the evaluation results themselves. The process models also help identify important clarifications and, if needed, necessary decisions in the MII, or developmental tasks. These include the questions:

  • “Are definitions lacking for communication between different institutions and consortia in a process part?”
  • “What are the priorities for the interface implementation?” or
  • “Does the planning of the overall communication test (projectathon) fit the criteria of the upcoming data center integration audits?”

In autumn the process models will be submitted to the National Steering Board (NSG) of the Medical Informatics Initiative for a decision. Afterwards the models could serve as a basis for many further projects.  Current model versions are already being used as a guide within the MII.

The process modeling team meets regularly with the general working groups of the MII, in particular with the data sharing and interoperability groups. The next meeting will take place on July 30, 2019 in Munich.

Process modeling team – Marcus Strobel (SMITH), Insa Kobylinski (HiGHmed), Dennis Kadioglu (MIRACUM), Raffael Bild (DIFUTURE), Thomas Wendt (SMITH), Robert Krock (TMF e.V.) (from left to right)