MII core data set in focus |
Cooperation between SMITH and HL7 Germany e.V.

The consortia of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII) are intensively engaged in the further development of the MII core data set. The SMITH consortium works closely with the standardization organization HL7 Deutschland e.V. and has developed common information models using the tools ART-DECOR and Simplifier.net in several workshops on November 5th, 2018, December 13th, 2018, and most recently on April 29th and 30th, 2019.

The results have been incorporated into a first joint ART-DECOR training session for all MII consortia on 28 May.

Presently the SMITH data integration centres work closely together with their industrial partners to further develop the technical infrastructure for data extraction and transformation on the basis of the information models mentioned above.