Call for Papers – Special Issue “Data Science for Medical Informatics”.

Medical data are generated with different objectives in studies, registries, research projects and in health care. Their utilization and exchange to answer different questions will change health care and medical research. Despite the wide range of analysis methods, there are some aspects that still stand in the way.
A lot of medical data still exists in non-digital form or exclusively as text, or is poorly documented and cannot be interpreted semantically. FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data is a key to bridging the gap between advances in machine learning and the implementation of AI in the clinic. FAIR data management and analysis not only leads to reproducible, interpretable, and transferable outputs that result from the analysis of the data. Rather, it is expected to have positive effects on data quality and medical decisions made in routine clinical practice based on the processed data.

The Special Issue “Data Science for Medical informatics” of the MDPI Applied Sciences Journal (IF: 2,679) targets the gap that still exists between FAIR best practices and the analysis of medical data. Submissions are sought that present new approaches and methods to improve FAIR data and quality, reproducible and privacy-compliant analyses, and success stories on the implementation and impact of AI in medical practice. Deadline for submissions is February 25, 2022.
The Special Issue is the responsibility of Prof. Dr. Oya Beyan, Professor of Medical Informatics at the University of Cologne, and Prof. Dr. Toralf Kirsten, Professor of Medical Data Science at the University of Leipzig.

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