Information for Speakers

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Information for Speakers

The goal of the MII-Academy is to share knowledge. Through relevant information, colleagues will gain a broad overview of how to use and analyze routine care data across sites to advance medical research.

The MII-Academy thrives on community. Therefore, we are pleased that you are considering contributing a topic.

We will provide you with some information in advance so that the selection of topics is very focused and the effort for you is as low as possible. Please consider the following aspects:

1. Topic

Identify a topic that is not yet or not completely covered by the MII-Academy. Contact us and present the topic. We will then decide how we can include your contribution in the MII-Academy.

2. Prior Knowledge

Avoid redundancy in presentations and build on existing material. Please let us know what prior knowledge the participants need so that we can include this information in the module description.

3. Layout

Please use the MII-Academy templates for your presentation to ensure a consistent layout for all presentations.

4. Structure

Your presentation should begin with a title slide showing the title and your name. Choose a concise title based on the content of your presentation. In addition, your presentation should end with a summary that recaps the key aspects for the overview.

5. Learning Objectives

Define some learning objectives at the beginning of your presentation so that the audience knows what to expect.

6. Language

The presentation can be given in German or English. The spoken language of the presentation and the language of the slides should be identical.

7. Length

The presentation should be neither too long nor too short. The audience should be able to absorb all the important information without getting tired. We recommend that videos be no longer than 20-30 minutes. If you need to go into more detail, break the topic into several short segments.

8. Usable Material

Please use only materials that are freely available. This is especially true for images from the Internet and photos with people. The latter requires their consent.

9. Illustrations

Please make sure that illustrations are legible. This applies to screenshots as well as self-made illustrations. Your audience should be able to read the content on the slide. For example, you can scale the illustrations and show sections in a larger format. This keeps the content readable for the audience and the location of the enlarged content transparent.

10. Record the Audio Track

Presentations should be audio-visual. Each presentation should be accompanied by an audio track. The latest version of PowerPoint allows you to add an audio track to each slide. The description below shows how to do this in PowerPoint 2019.

11. Transmission of the Presentation

Please send us the PowerPoint file with the audio track so that we can export the corresponding video. PowerPoint files are often very large, so it is best to use a free file transfer service to send the file. For members of a college or university, for example, the GigaMove platform is suitable for this purpose.


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